Tooth Whitening

Dental Vitality is ready to help if you are unhappy with your smile and ZOOM Whitening is a fast, effective and economical option to boost your smile in just 2 hours.

Our teeth naturally darken as we age, add to that a taste for red wine, tea or coffee and chances are you could benefit from a little added sparkle.

We offer two options for this procedure:

ZOOM In Chair Whitening

provides an immediate lightening of your enamel, which you then maintain at home with ZOOM whitening solution and custom made trays. The degree of maintenance depends on your original tooth colour and your lifestyle. But the result is dramatic and lasting.




ZOOM Take Home Whitening

uses custom made oral trays to deliver the whitening solution to your teeth. This is a more gradually whitening, can take several weeks, and the shade is controlled at home by you. Extra solution is available at reception at cost to touch up both procedures.

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