Preventative Treatment at Dental Vitality

At our Dental Clinic in Deakin, patients of our practice are encouraged to see Anna, our Oral Health Therapist at regular intervals recommended by their dentist. Anna is highly trained to identify periodontal conditions and treat them accordingly. She works to support the treatment provided by Dr Thomas and Dr Sharon and is a valued member of the dental team.

The majority of our patients require regular hygiene treatments to remove accumulated plaque and calculus. During this appointment Anna will check your gum attachment and measure the depth of any identified pocketing. She will also recommend improvements to your home care if needed.

Children’s Dentistry

Dentistry for Children and Teenagers

We are very grateful for the gentle care of our Oral Health Therapist, Anna Lawrence. Anna is trained to provide conservative dental treatment to young children and teenagers in a calm environment.  As a family practice, we encourage a child’s first visit by the age of 2 years mainly for familiarisation and parent education.

Child Dentistry
Oral healthcare solutions from Dental Vitality.

New Patient Examinations

A New Patient Examination is a detailed assessment of your existing dentition, this benchmark is required to monitor your general dental health and any disease progression.  Records are taken in order to provide comprehensive treatment options for those patients with simple or more complex treatment needs.

We will also provide in this examination:

  • General assessment – cavity detection, fractures, condition of existing restorations, wear and tooth shade
  • Gum Pocketing and Recession assessment.
  • Mandibular joint assessment
  • Bite (Occlusal) assessment
  • Radiographic (digital x-ray) assessment
  • Individual oral hygiene advice
  • Dietary/ Lifestyle Analysis
  • Soft tissue and Oral Cancer Screening

Patients are provided with a detailed treatment plan with costings.

Services From Our Oral Health Therapist Include:

  • Comprehensive oral examination.
  • Pit and Fissure Sealants.
  • Low dosage digital x-rays when required.
  • Fluoride treatments when necessary.
  • Deciduous Restorative treatment.
  • Patient and parent education with special emphasis on tooth brushing, flossing and dietary advice.
  • Sports mouth-guards.
  • Trauma and emergency appointments.
  • Orthodontic assessment and referrals when necessary.
Oral healthcare solutions from Dental Vitality.
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