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A holistic approach.

Dental Vitality is centrally located in the Canberra suburb of Deakin. We pride ourselves on our strict standards in infection control, friendly professional staff, gentle care and expertise that allow our patients to feel at ease.

We place strong emphasis on addressing individual needs and we look at not only the mouth but also the whole body, in relation to your oral health. Dental Vitality is a purpose built dental practice with onsite parking for your convenience.


Our Holistic approach

Holistic dentistry is the evaluation and promotion of lifestyles, habits, and nutrition that enhance your oral health and reduce the risks that may contribute to expensive dental treatment and premature loss of your dentition.

Much of dentistry is repairing self-inflicted damage. With this in mind, we examine the causes and consequences of this damage and aim to provide practical strategies for long term preservation.

Our rooms include the latest state of the art equipment in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Our patients are our main focus and we welcome new patients of all ages.

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Professional Hygiene Services

Professional Hygiene Services

Periodontal disease is a progressive and destructive inflammatory disease resulting in bone loss and eventually tooth loss, our practice strives to help you avoid this condition or if already established, slow its progress.

Research continues to show strong links between poor oral health and systemic disease. Patients who have diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, cognitive issues or dexterity restrictions often require special care.

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For a family dentist serving the Deakin community, call us on 02 6295 6983